Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What it's all about!

Sometimes I've wonder if we've got things backwards. Many of us, especially me, focus so intensely on our work and day-to-day activities, that we wind up offloading tasks we don’t have time to handle. Unfortunately, I find myself offloading the care of my beautiful, awesome daughter to a daycare center. But when I have moments like the once captured in this picture, they’re magical. And when I look back on this picture, it makes me think that maybe that I should flip it all around. What if I could offload my current day-to-days, and take on being with my daughter full time? What if I could pawn off everything from household chores to even making money! I like the sound of that, so that’s what I’ve made my goal in life – to build systems, processes and support networks that support my lifestyle for me, so that I don’t have to! Someday soon all areas of my life will be filled with the magic that was captured in this picture that was taken by my good friend and talented photographer, Kris Lau. Every day, I feel myself getting closer to that goal, and I feel those intentions rushing towards me. It’s my life, and for once I’m in the driver’s seat! Woo hoo!!

Ajay Mirwani was awarded America's Brightest Speaking Star in 2007. He speaks to colleges about leadership and transitioning into the real world, as well businesses about internet marketing strategies and search optimization. To contact Ajay, visit